If Olivia Munn's Bikini Top Is PG, Her Bottoms Are Rated R

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I rarely see Olivia Munn wear a swimsuit twice. Except for maybe this Gooseberry Seaside one-piece, which she seems to favour. But aside from that, her swim drawer is a mixed bag, and she gives her followers a peek into it often. While on getaway in St. Kitts, Olivia showed off the perfect design for golden hour. That's what we call it when the sun's slowly slipping beneath the shore line and you're enjoying the last few sips of a cocktail on the beach, holding onto the day for just a few more moments if you can.

Olivia wore a top with sleeves that came equipped with a sporty pull tie under the bust. But make no mistake, this look was not all about modesty. Olivia's matching string bottoms provided just enough coverage, highlighting the curve of her booty when she turned to the side. There's no denying this piece was pretty cheeky, too, altogether making for a bold poolside set. Olivia accessorised her "sporty spice" bikini with large gold hoops and some beaded bracelets, appearing every bit the holiday goddess we know she is. Ahead, catch another glimpse, then shop some suits that bring the heat, just like Olivia's style.

Olivia Munn Wearing a White Bikini in St. Kitts