28 Easy, Stylish Outfits to Try If You Have a Small Chest

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If you've ever felt discouraged about your lack of cleavage, you're not alone. There have been plenty of times I've tried on a formfitting top, looked in the mirror, and thought, "If only I could fill this thing out." But just because you're small in the chest department doesn't mean you can't make stylish statements all your own. Some of our favourite editors, creatives, and models show off looks on the regular that are playful and sometimes a little bit sexy. We've uncovered a handful of their styling tricks that are bound to work for you.


Experiment With Cap Sleeves and Asymmetrical Necklines


Slip Off Your Sleeves For an Off-the-Shoulder Look


You Can Layer a Tank or 2 For Subtle Pops of Color

Totally 2000s.


A Satin Bralette Doubles as a Crop Top

Yes, you can wear your intimates on the street.


A Printed Coord Set With a High Neckline Makes You Feel Sophisticated


Utilize the Dress Over Tee Look Again and Again

It will make your mini dresses feel brand new and add dimension.


The Bandeau Bikini Is a Great Flattering Shape For You


You Can Knot Up Your Long Tee Into a Crop Top

Twist up the extra material and secure it underneath your bust with a hair tie.


Slips With Adjustable Straps Are Your Best Friend


Spaghetti Straps Aren't Too Thin or Delicate

If anything, they just feel more secure than a tube top.


Try the One-Shoulder Trend on For Size


Loosen Up Your Buttons

(To your comfort level, of course.) But if you feel good going braless, you can find several different ways to wear your classic button-down.


You Can Play Around With Sheer Fabric

. . . without layering too much underneath.


Employ the Half Tuck

Unbutton from the top and the bottom so long as you're wearing a well-fitted triangle bra.


When Your Lounge-Around Bra Easily Becomes a Crop Top

Useful for a quick run to the bodega or Sunday brunch.


Bring On the Extra Frills — Pouffy Sleeves, Peter Pan Collars, and Buttons!


You Can Go Braless to Show Off a Flirty Open Back


A Lace-Up Bustier Doesn't Necessarily Call For a Bra

No distractions here!


You Can Unbutton Your Hawaiian Shirt

. . . and wear just a simple, ribbed tank underneath.


You Can Get Playful With Your Lacy Lingerie

With a nice pair of pants, you can combine sexy and classy.


You'll Feel Secure Tucking Away a Plunging Neckline Into High-Waisted Trousers


Wear a Plunging Blouse Without a Bra


Try a Sporty Racerback Bodysuit


You Can Wear a Silk Bandana as a Top

No need for a strapless bra either!


The Corset Trend Is a Fun Spin on Crop Tops


Don't Shy Away From Trimmings, Like Bows and Extra Necklaces