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TikToker Tanya Ravichandran Fashion Interview

This South Asian TikToker Is Unapologetic With Her Style, and That's What Makes Her a Must-Follow

If you love fashion and have TikTok, chances are you've seen Tanya Ravichandran, aka @ttaanyaa, at some point on your feed. After all, the South Asian influencer has amassed over 1.1 million followers because she's unapologetically herself about everything from her hairstyle down to what she's wearing. Being South Asian and a fashion editor myself, I was instantly intrigued while scrolling through her TikToks. She has an air of confidence about her that's refreshing to see, especially within the South Asian influencer community. Traditionally, South Asian women aren't expected to wear clothes that are too "revealing"; but Tanya's open about her style and deals with haters straight on.

"Life is too short to value other people's opinions over your own."

"Life is too short to value other people's opinions over your own," Tanya told POPSUGAR. "As long as you think you look amazing in what you are wearing, as long as you reject people's opinions of your self-expression, I promise you, confidence will naturally come."

With one look at the 19-year-old's social media accounts, you'll notice that her style is full of Y2K-inspired pieces. "I feel like personal style should be unique and not be following a certain trend. That is why most of the Y2K pieces I wear are usually thrifted. Thrifting helps me find more unique clothes that revolve around my personal style."

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