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Tom Daley Made the "Harry Styles" Cardigan by JW Anderson

Tom Daley's "Harry Styles Cardigan" Is Finally Finished, and Yes, We Have a Knitting Tutorial


I made “THE HARRY STYLES CARDIGAN!” What do you think? 🧶

♬ оригинальный звук - she/her

On the eve of the Met Gala, Britain's sweetheart Tom Daley started knitting a colourful patchwork cardigan inspired by Harry Styles's JW Anderson cardigan. Since then, the cardigan went viral on TikTok, and JW Anderson generously made the knitting pattern available for free online. And finally, Daley has completed his very own "Harry Styles cardigan", sharing his DIY process on TikTok.

"FINALLY!" Daley wrote on his dedicated knitting and crochet Instagram account. "This is the JW Anderson patchwork cardigan that Harry Styles was seen wearing! It took me ages because I have been so busy lately but so fun to make! What do you think?!" Daley also shared that he got his colourful yarns from Stylecraft, a UK-based stockist for yarns, knitting patterns, and crochet events. The original cardigan is from JW Anderson's spring/summer 2020 collection and features red, yellow, green, and orange knitted patchwork, with a floppy red collar, and blue lining down the buttons.

Keep reading for a closer look at Tom Daley's "Harry Styles Cardigan".

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