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How to Wear "Ugly" Fashion Trends That Are Actually Cute

How to Wear 9 "Ugly" Fashion Trends, According to Stylists

How to Wear "Ugly" Fashion Trends That Are Actually Cute

The term "ugly" is undeniably arbitrary. Yet, the word frequently gets tossed around when describing specific fashion trends like chunky sneakers, bucket hats, oversize trousers, Birkenstock sandals, "mom" and "dad" jeans, Crocs, hefty lug-soles, windbreakers, and utility vets. What one can't dispute? The strong statement every one of these pieces makes, which may or may not be your cup of tea. It's totally cool either way. However, if you've recently been racking your brain for fresh outfit ideas and feel as though your go-to looks have run their course, you might consider implementing one of these popular, albeit slightly controversial, trends into your wardrobe.

When it comes to "ugly" fashion trends, the main idea is finding a balance to avoid a polarizing effect. How does one do that? With expert styling! So we sought out advice from eight fashion stylists who are not only pros at making any accessory or article of clothing look stylish, but they're equally keen on wearing a number of these "ugly" trends themselves.

So if you have been mulling over a pair of Birkenstocks, have found yourself tempted by the bucket hat's big return, don't quite know how to balance a baggy trouser, or still can't wrap your head around the chunky-sneaker movement, keep scrolling to discover stylish outfit ideas that feature "ugly" fashion trends. Be sure to take in all the styling tips so you can rock a Croc, embrace a tube sock, and give technical gear the same gusto you would a new dress or sandal.

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