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10 Fashion Editors Show Off Their Unique Engagement Rings

10 Fashion Editors Share Pics of Their Engagement Rings — Man, Are They Unique!

10 Fashion Editors Show Off Their Unique Engagement Rings

As a fashion person, you'd probably guess that I've been imagining my engagement ring since I graduated from Ring Pops in middle school, but that's actually not the case. I've always loved unique jewellery, but I wasn't so interested in classic diamonds and couldn't really picture one on my finger. As I got older, I was so excited for people I knew who got engaged, but it never even dawned on me to check out their sparklers after they broke the news — I guess engagement rings just weren't a hobby of mine. Fast forward to today, and I'm wearing a diamond I never could've dreamed up years ago. I'm also extremely interested in not just engagement rings, but the stories behind them.

Of course, it took me some time for me to get from point A to point B, but you can read my personal tale of obsession in just a sec. You see, I didn't want to share a bit about my design without asking some of my peers to share too. All of the women here have incredible jewels, some of which have been reset or reconfigured for momentous occasions or milestones in their lives. If you scroll through these slides quickly, you'll be impressed by stones and shapes that are pretty extraordinary, but if you slow down to read the text below each picture, you'll begin to understand why I eventually fell in love with engagement rings myself. It's not about the sparkle, it's about the thought and heart put into the details.

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