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At-Home Cardio HIIT Workout

Full-Body Fitness Quickie: 20-Minute Cardio HIIT Workout

At-Home Cardio HIIT Workout

This killer HIIT workout will burn major calories while cutting some seriously sleek abs. By mixing plyo moves with core-centric planks, we keep your heart rate up and your entire body working with every move. And let us remind you, HIIT workouts are designed for you to push yourself and go at 90 percent of your personal max (emphasis on personal, you be the judge of your exertion level — but you do get rest periods! And to time those rest periods, we recommed the Simple Interval Timer app. It's free and easy to use.


Warmup: Do each warmup exercise for 30 seconds, and repeat the warmup circuit a total of three times. Then take two minutes to work out any kinks you're feeling with some dynamic stretches for you quads, hamstrings, hips flexors, and shoulders.

Workout: Repeat each three-exercise circuit twice; perform each exercise for 40 seconds and rest for 20 seconds before moving to the next exercise. Rest one minute between the circuits.

Cooldown: Take three minutes to stretch your legs and shoulders.

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