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110-Pound Weight Loss Interview

Darilyn Lost 118 Pounds — Without Following a Diet or Hiring a Trainer

Two years ago, Darilyn started a "long story of trial and error." She wanted to turn her life around, so she put all her effort into changing her diet and getting healthy — and she's since lost a whopping 118 pounds! POPSUGAR spoke to 27-year-old Darilyn about her incredible journey, and while she got honest about how hard it was, she wouldn't trade it for the world.

Dailyn admits she had to "radically change [her] daily lifestyle from laziness and sadness to sweating and positivity." Rather than sitting around and feeling sorry for herself, she picked herself up and "learned to love to sweat and appreciate [her] body for what it can do." She joined a 24-hour gym and changed her eating habits. She even started her own fitness routine (without help from a trainer!) and kept herself accountable by documenting her progress on Instagram using the hashtag #dkdoesfitness. From cycling classes to CrossFit boot camp, Darilyn dedicated herself to working out — and saw amazing results.

As for her diet, Darilyn has become a big fan of "eating intuitively." She doesn't follow any fad diets or strict rules; she just chooses to eat well and listen to her body. "It's a journey and a process — a lifestyle," she said. "For forever."

"I've lost 118 pounds, and I'm crushing out the rest of this year to see how much stronger and leaner I can get!" she gushed. We can't wait to see what else she accomplishes.

In many of her Instagram posts, Darilyn gets real about the struggles she's been through. "Sometimes people won't get it. They'll nay say and belittle your progress. Sometimes you do pretty incredible things and it's okay to celebrate yourself," she wrote. "I ate a can of Pringles last night. It happens." Rather than being disappointed in herself, she just picks herself back up and moves forward.

Most importantly, Darilyn has learned to love herself and appreciate the one body she's got in this lifetime. She's going to continue to treat herself well, work out, and eat to fuel herself.

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