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115-Pound Weight-Loss Transformation Photo

The Key to Jessica's 115-Pound Weight Loss Had Nothing to Do With Diet and Exercise

There's no denying that shedding weight is difficult — like, really difficult — and Jessica Metzger knows that struggle all too well. Once 280 pounds, she has since managed to drop 115 of those pounds naturally, but it was a long journey to get there.

In a recent Instagram post, Jessica shared a snapshot that captured her remarkable weight-loss transformation, and she opened up about how it was certainly no walk in the park to get to where she is today. "We all want results overnight. We wanna see immediate payoff for our hard work," she wrote. "But unfortunately, that's not the way anything in life works & that includes your journey to becoming healthier."

She went on to explain how it took "years of trying" to finally drop the pounds for good, and she encountered a few bumps along the way, gaining 100 pounds back at one point in her journey. But instead of feeling "hopeless" and accepting the false notion that she was "meant to be fat forever," she formed new habits and got back on track yet again. There was no exact "aha" moment that spurred her fit journey — it was all just a matter of a shifted mindset. "It started with just wanting to change my body . . . but I've changed more mentally than anything else along the way. Easy? No. Worth it? Absolutely."

Jessica ended on a positive note that anyone currently struggling to drop a few sizes needs to hear: "Believe in yourself . . . that's number one. You can achieve anything you put your mind to, promise!"

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