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15-Minute HIIT Workout With Jeanette Jenkins & DeMarcus Ware

Jeanette Jenkins and DeMarcus Ware's 10-Move HIIT Workout Will Make You Seriously Sore

10-Move HIIT Workout You Can Do at Home With Jeanette Jenkins and DeMarcus Ware

In today’s episode of POPSUGAR’s House Call, Jeanette Jenkins - The Hollywood Trainer and NFL Super Bowl champion, 9x Pro Bowler, and the creator of Driven to Win Fitness App, DeMarcus Ware will motivate you to work hard and challenge yourself with 10 amazing HIIT exercises you can do in the weight room or the living room! Sound off in the comments below about which exercise pushed you to the next level! And be sure to keep watching as Jeanette shows you how to stay fit while at home with some help from her celebrity clients, trainers, and athletes.

Posted by PopSugar Fitness on Saturday, December 12, 2020

If you have 15 minutes to spare, congratulations: that's just enough time to sneak in this 10-move HIIT workout from Jeanette Jenkins, creator of The Hollywood Trainer Club, and former NFL star DeMarcus Ware. In this episode of POPSUGAR's House Call, Jenkins and Ware lead us through tough bodyweight moves like alternating lunges, hollow body holds, and plank with toe taps that are sure to get your muscles quaking. Remember to warm up before you start the workout, which kicks off at 3:55 in the video above, then grab a sweat towel and get ready to work! And if you want more from Jeanette Jenkins, keep tuning in for new episodes of House Call featuring athletes, trainers, and celeb clients.

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