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20-Minute Disney HIIT Dance Workout Video

This 20-Minute HIIT Dance Routine Set to Disney Songs Is What Dreams Are Made Of

What's better than a fun dance cardio workout? A fun dance cardio workout set to Disney tunes we know and love. Personal trainer and dance instructor Emily Thorne has choreographed a 20-minute Disney HIIT Hop workout to songs we bet you're familiar with. She teamed up with That Disney Girl YouTube channel for this video, and the playlist includes "Get'cha Head in the Game" from High School Musical, Mulan's "I'll Make a Man Out Of You," Camp Rock's "Hasta La Vista," and "Zero to Hero" from Hercules. You'll warm up to "What Dreams Are Made Of" from The Lizzie McGuire Movie, and the other songs mentioned will have their own choreography that you'll learn in two parts.

HIIT Hop is exactly how it sounds. It's a form of dance fitness that Thorne created using a Tabata-inspired format of 20 seconds of high-intensity work, 10 seconds of rest. In the video above, you'll be alternating between two different Tabata sequences of choreography for each song (aka, you'll do one move as many times as you can for 20 seconds before taking a 10-second break and continuing on to the second move, then back to the first again).

Instead of exercises like the burpee and jump squat, prepare for hip-hop moves that will raise your heart rate and challenge your entire body. Moves include drumming and punching, some inspired by basketball (and HSM), the corkscrew, and even a variation of a switching lunge jump. Don't forget to cool down afterwards, and get ready for a Disney sweat fest you won't want to miss. It's nostalgia in nutshell — we dare you not to sing along!

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