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30-Minute At-Home Cardio Kickboxing Workout

You'll Feel Powerful (and a Little Sweaty) After This Cardio Kickboxing Workout

Ready to kick it, get sweaty, and burn some calories in your living room? Then Eliza Shirazi, creator and founder of Kick It by Eliza, has a bodyweight workout for you! This high-intensity workout combines 10 rounds of dance, strength training, and (of course) kickboxing. No equipment is needed, and we provide modifications, so no matter your level, you can tackle this sweat sesh as long as you're up for a challenge. Trust us: round two will leave your legs burning, and if you make it through that round, you'll feel like you can make it through anything! As the workout progresses, there are plenty of cardio kickboxing rounds that'll leave you feeling like a badass, and the cooldown includes a meditation to leave you feeling recharged. So we're going to ask you one more time: you ready to kick it?

On Anna: Glyder Active top, Define Your Inspiration top, and Year of Ours tights. On Eliza: Kick It by Eliza top, Fierce and Regal bra, Vimmia tights, and New Balance shoes. On Emily: Kick It By Eliza top, Lululemon tights and Reebok shoes.

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