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4 Hip Stretches With a Pillow From Africa Mincey

Grab a Pillow and Release Tension in Your Tight Hips With These 4 Gentle Yoga Stretches


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It doesn't take much for your hips to tighten up and get stiff. And in case that's not uncomfortable enough on its own, tight hips can lead to pain in other areas, like your back and knees, because your whole body is connected. If your hips need a little TLC today, grab a couple pillows and try these gentle hip-opening stretches shared by yoga instructor and occupational therapist Africa Mincey, OTR, founder of Holistic Aim Therapy.

The pillows are there to give your body extra support, which helps you ease down into the pose instead of immediately forcing your hips into a position they're not ready for. For example, you'll start with a supported Frog Pose, situating pillows underneath your hips and your torso.

As your body opens up, you can remove one or both pillows and cross your arms behind your back to stretch your chest a little, too. Finally, you can finish the quick sequence with some fluid froggers to help bring movement back to your body. If you want to keep your inner thighs and knees extra comfortable, try practicing on a couple of stacked mats, a folded blanket, or a soft surface.

Check out the quick video above and try it for yourself, holding each pose as long as feels comfortable. Your hips will love you for it!

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