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70-Pound Weight Loss

After Struggling With Her Weight Since Age 8, This Is How Samee Dropped 73 Pounds

If you've been overweight your entire life, ever since you can remember, Samee understands your pain. She posted this before-and-after to her Instagram account with the caption, "To whomever this post may find: I've struggled with weight since I was a child. I distinctly remember being 9 years old and trying to fit into my older sisters jeans. She's 4 years older then me and has always been slim. I remember getting so frustrated that I couldn't zip up the jeans and I went out to the living room and started crying. My parents didn't do or say much. I felt like nobody really knew how much my weight was affecting me."

Samee shares, "I remember the first time I got stretch marks on my upper thighs. I was 8 years old." Becoming thin consumed her life, and she notes, "I've cried myself to sleep, cried in dressing rooms, cried in bathrooms, I've literally had those moments in the movies where girls just slide down their bedroom walls onto the floor sobbing. I was so depressed. I would dream about being 'skinny' and how much happier I would be. How being skinny would literally solve all of my problems."

In order to lose weight, she shares, "Throughout the years I would binge eat, starve myself, eat, and then throw it up, I'd cut out magazine clippings of exercises you could do at home, I wouldn't exercise at all." Many of you can relate when she says, "I've started and stopped diet and exercise SO MANY TIMES. I've given up, made excuses, blew it off."

Figuring out how to lose weight at a young age was hard, and Samee notes that even at age 24 it's still hard! But she's starting to get a handle on how to be healthy through a combination of BBG, weightlifting, cycling, and a keto diet. Since beginning her weight-loss journey in March of 2016, she's lost 73 pounds and 11 inches around her waist!

Her Instagram account is super honest. "I've never shared a photo on here of my lower stomach. I always hid it by my leggings, trousers, or pants. I'm embarrassed by it, but I wanted to share this because it's apart of me," she writes. Seeing women show off their real bodies and their progress is so inspiring!

Samee shares, "Losing weight has not been easy for me. I'm just a normal girl, with probably a similar past to yours, that is still figuring life and this fitness journey out. Thank you guys for allowing me to have this platform to show my raw real self and to share my struggle with. I am forever grateful for this community."

If you've wanted to lose weight for years without any success, know that you're not alone. Losing weight is hard, and it all starts with deciding to make you a priority. Start with small changes, like eating a salad for lunch, drinking tons of water, and doing a 10-minute workout video after dinner. Small changes can yield big results, and this will inspire you to keep going. You can do it! Believe in yourself and seek out a supportive community to remind you of this.

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