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8-Week Instagram Weight-Loss Transformation

This 8-Week Workout Transformation Will Motivate You to Get Back in the Gym

We all know that slow and steady wins the race when it comes to weight loss. The most successful transformations are almost always the ones that happen when you lose a realistic amount of weight over a sustainable amount of time, which isn't to say you can't sculpt the body you want and see some major changes in a short space of time.

If the idea of waiting too long to see results is what's stopping you from starting your journey to wellness, then let this blogger motivate you to begin your own transformation. Fitness Instagrammer Sophieaustin93 shared the above snap detailing her weekly weight-loss journey from beginning to current, captioned simply with, "Just a lil front comparison for you all to show how quickly the body can change!"

With over 11,000 "likes" and nearly 200 comments, it's fair to say the post helped to reignite the spark in a few people, with many commenters asking what her secret is. But there's no secret here; the Instagrammer credits her weight-loss success to a strict diet of healthy meals that she documents on her feed and popular workouts such as Kayla Itsines's Bikini Body Guide and Tammy Hembrow's eight-week booty guide, which she proudly reps in her profile.

As for the people discrediting her success in such a short space of time and those feeling intimidated by her results in comparison to their own, a caption from one of Sophie's other pictures says it all: "As women why shouldn't we celebrate how good we feel and look? If you've worked hard to be where you are no matter what stage of your journey your at, be proud of how far you've come!"

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