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91-Year-Old Gymnast | Video

Meet Johanna Quaas, the 91-Year-Old Gymnast Bending Age Expectations

If you were wishing you'd taken up gymnastics at an earlier age, fear not. 91-year-old gymnast Johanna Quaas proves it's possible to get limber at any age, so long as you're willing to put the work in. Holding the title of oldest gymnast in the world, German-born Johanna is a regular competitor in the amateur competition Landes-Seniorenspiele and even has her own fan page praising her positive approach and seamless routines in her (arguably iconic) green leotard.

A viral video of the senior uploaded to tagesschau's Facebook page in early June has garnered even more attention for the superstar, boasting 74M views, 466K reactions (many of which feature shocked faces), 1.3M shares, and almost 80K comments of adoration, respect, and inspiration. Johanna, we salute you.

Now I feel even more ashamed for not being able to touch my toes.

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