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Alexandra Trusova Lands Two Quads Figure Skating Video

This 13-Year-Old Russian Figure Skater Is the First Female to Land 2 Quads in a Competition

A quad is one of the most difficult jumps to land in figure skating, and Russia's 13-year-old Alexandra Trusova just became the first woman ever to land two in a single routine. That's right — out of the many (mostly male) figure skaters who have incorporated a quadruple rotation into their lineup of jumps, no woman has given a clean landing since Miki Ando in 2002, and Trusova is the first female to ever deliver two.

During the International Skating Union World Junior Figure Skating Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria, on March 11, Trusova let her skills shine in a stunning, four-minute-long performance to violin-heavy music by composer Antonio Vivaldi. Not only is her entire routine captivating and executed nearly perfectly, but it also oozes passion. Of her history-making performance, Trusova told the ISU, "I am very happy to have won, but I'm even happier to have landed the two quads. I prepared for that and I did it."

Trusova landed both a quad salchow and a quad toe loop, which are fancy names for two of the five difficult types of quadruple jumps. The teenager set a personal best with 153.49 points and earned an overall score of 225.52. You go, girl! Watch the full performance above.

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