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Amy Schumer Uses Deodorant For Chafing

We Can Definitely Relate to Amy Schumer's Fight Against Thigh Chafing

No chafe #nothighgapnoproblem

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Thank you Amy Schumer for putting a spotlight on something fit girls know all too well — chafing. Before hitting the Met Gala's red carpet, Amy shared a video of herself applying deodorant on her thighs, because as she writes, "#nothighgapnoproblem." It's a pretty ingenious beauty hack; no one wants to be left with red, irritated skin from the friction that happens when your thighs rub together.

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As any runner can tell you, this is a serious issue during Summer runs, when shorts are the norm. I've even been known to apply underneath my bra straps, between my toes — heck, even behind my knees. Basically anywhere skin rubs together. But also as any runner can tell you, it's all about the Body Glide. Applied in a similar fashion as deodorant, Body Glide is made specifically to ward off chafing, meaning it creates a strong barrier that wards off friction for hours and hours. And unlike deodorant, it won't dry out skin (and still manages to repel water). Basically it's the top-secret weapon of anyone training for a race — or wearing their favourite skirt out on a hot Summer day.

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