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Anna Victoria Shows Realistic Before and After Selfies

This Trainer Reveals the Truth Behind All Those "Perfect" Selfies

Personal trainer and Instagram influencer Anna Victoria is known for her Fit Body Guides and effective workouts. With more than 1 million followers on Instagram, her selfies garner tens of thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. But behind these seemingly picture-perfect posts, Anna shows the flip side of what you normally see on Instagram.

Anna says she began showing more realistic photos on the social media platform to prove not everyone is as perfect as they portray themselves. "I, myself, was falling into that comparison game and looking at all the other people on Instagram with their amazing and beautiful lives and feeling like I had to live up to that," she said in a video for

Despite feeling a pressure to be perfect, Anna said she combats it by posting photos that reveal a more honest look at her life, such as her bloated belly after a cheat meal, what her body looks like sitting versus standing, and no-makeup selfies. She added that social media is "very contrived" and curated, which isn't reflective of real life.

"I think that the regular, undone selfies are just as beautiful as the done-up selfies," she said.

Not everything you see on Instagram is a realistic portrayal of someone's life. By showing us behind-the-scenes looks of her perfectly posed selfies and sharing makeup-free photos, Anna proves that even people who seem perfect on Instagram have plenty of imperfect moments.

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