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Ashley Wagner Freestyle Figure Skating Routine February 2018

Ashley Wagner Figure Skating to Pink's Emotional Song Will Make Your Soul Feel Free

Three-time national figure skating champion Ashley Wagner's 2018 has been interesting to say the least. After barely missing a spot on this year's Olympic team, the skater opened up to fans about having her "Olympic dreams crushed in the most public way possible." Understandably, coming to terms with not competing in Pyeongchang has been an unexpected journey for her — which is what makes this video of Ashley skating to Pink's emotional anthem "I Am Here" even more moving.

The soulful song, which includes the lyrics, "All of this wrong, but I'm still right here / I don't have the answers, but the question is clear," makes for a goosebump-inducing soundtrack to Ashley's freestyle routine. Filmed by another skater, Ashley combines heartfelt dance with dizzying speed and jumps that look effortless . . . and at the conclusion, Ashley brightens with a smile that will fill you with hope. Prepare for your soul to feel free as you watch Ashley bare her soul on the ice.

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