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BBG Weight-Loss Transformation at Home

Rachel "Never Used the Gym" but Lost 65+ Pounds by Doing This Fitness Program

Rachel is a teacher and a busy mum of two children, so when she started her weight-loss journey, she knew she didn't have hours and hours to spend at the gym. That didn't stop her, though. She lost more than 4 stone, 7 pounds after her second pregnancy, and although it took some time (a couple years, actually), it was well worth the effort.

In her most recent Instagram post, Rachel wrote about what it's like to see her progress over the years. "At times you can get stuck and feel as though your not making any gains but then you look back to where you started and it's something to celebrate to see how far you have come," she said. "3 Years and still loving the journey."

POPSUGAR caught up with Rachel to get the inside scoop on her weight loss. You might be surprised to learn that she never went to the gym. "I used Kayla Itsines's BBG Resistance program, and I work out from home with my two kids five days a week," she told us. To boot, each session only lasts 30 minutes. "Never used the gym, and all sessions at home," she added.

She loves that the BBG workouts are "short but fast paced and high intensity." She just blasts her favourite music and gets to work. "You don't need to work out for hours and hours on end and stress yourself out trying to get to the gym," Rachel advised.

As for her diet, Rachel said she "mainly just balanced healthy eating but not strict, as that's hard with two kids." She tried to get as many fruits and vegetables in her system as she could. "However, I did allow myself to have treats often. I love chocolate," she gushed.

We asked Rachel if she had any advice for women who are trying to lose weight. "Have small goals that lead to your overall goal, and give it time," she said. "Don't rush the process, and enjoy the little wins. Don't compare your progress with others. Enjoy life as well. Don't sweat the small stuff."

She also shared one of her daily habits that might help you along your way as well: "I used to make sure I lay out my workout clothes the night before to motivate myself and completed my sessions early in the morning so I would feel good for the rest of the day. I learned to work out with my kids around, no matter how distracting they can be, so that I got it done no matter what."

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