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B&M Stores "Skinny" Message on Bathroom Scales

This Is Not a Healthy Message to Have on Your Bathroom Scales

While motivational phrases and Instagram images are a huge part of the fitness industry, retailer B&M has taken it a bit too far with a set of scales currently on sale in some of its stores. As one Facebook user pointed out, the £3.99 scales, which are emblazoned with the phrase "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels," are less motivating, more triggering. Sharing a photo of the offending item, Rachel May Shevlin explained how it was phrases like this that caused her to self-harm as a teenager.

B&M Stores Would anyone like to join me in writing to b&m to tell them *how lovely to see the phrase I said to my...

Posted by Rachel May Shevlin on Thursday, 24 March 2016

The retailer has quickly responded to the post, saying that it will ask the supplier to withdraw "this particular quotation" from its range. It still carries a series of other questionable offerings, though, including one set of scales that says "the only thing preventing me from losing weight is food" and another that reads "the diet starts today." While some people may find this kind of tongue-in-cheek message motivating, we'll stick to our plain old glass and plastic and keep our messages more on the positive side, thanks!

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