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The Bachelorette Workout Challenge

We Made a Bachelorette Workout Challenge to Get You Toned During Every Episode

Becca Kufrin's journey to find her future fiancé on The Bachelorette is officially underway, and we couldn't possibly be more excited to witness the sweet-as-pie Minnesota native fall for one of the 28 studs vying for her heart. To avoid the ever-present temptation to down a bottle (or two) of rosé every Monday night, we created a workout challenge to follow during each dramatic episode. Here's how it works: for every common action or phrase that pops up during the show, there's a corresponding exercise to do. It may sound easy on the surface, but we made it extra tough so we and the rest of Bachelor Nation can torch calories and get toned while the drama unfolds.

Ready to sweat your way to Becca's final rose? Look ahead for our official Bachelorette Fitness Challenge, which you should definitely print out and have on hand every Monday night. Will you accept this squat?

  1. Someone says "let's do the damn thing":
  2. 10 lunges

  3. Two or more of Becca's suitors get in an argument:
  4. 5 push-ups

  5. Someone compliments Becca:
  6. 3 star jumps

  7. A group date rose is given out:
  8. 20 squats

  9. Someone mentions "falling for" Becca:
  10. run in place for 30 seconds

  11. Becca cries:
  12. 15 crunches

  13. One of the contestants cries:
  14. 20 jumping jacks

  15. Becca says something about seeing her future husband in the group of men:
  16. hold a 20-second plank

  17. Becca or one of the guys says the word "journey":
  18. 15 sit-ups

  19. Someone mentions Arie Luyendyk Jr.:
  20. 10 mountain climbers

  21. One of the dudes interrupts another's one-on-one time with Becca:
  22. 20 tricep dips

  23. Chris Harrison announces the final rose at the Rose Ceremony:
  24. 15 Russian twists

  25. Becca says something about Minnesota:
  26. 5 push-ups

  27. One of the guys gets too drunk for his own good:
  28. 15 reverse lunges

  29. During commercial breaks:
  30. wall sit for 45 seconds

Follow this workout game during each episode, and you'll definitely be left thinking something along the lines of this:

Episode 1 Abc GIF by The Bachelorette - Find & Share on GIPHY
Image Source: ABC
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