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Before and After Healthy Weight Gain

Fitness Blogger Proves Happiness Doesn’t Always Come From Weight Loss

"My fitness motivation has never really been about numbers," British fitness blogger Maxine said in an Instagram caption. In this recent post, she shared the pain that came with hitting her lowest weight and how that time was fraught with anxiety. She had reached this point after she "came out of a difficult and mentally exhausting relationship," at which point she said, "I ate very little food, my body was weak, I would work out at the gym for hours at a time with very little fuel. I got to such a low weight that my own mum refused to speak to me, as she would get so upset. I would sweat crazy amounts at night because my body was so hungry."

Today, she notes that she's happier than ever and at her healthiest weight yet. She's so comfortable with her current weight that she "declared [it] with as much gusto as I could muster" to her trainer, and now doesn't let the pounds (or kilograms, in this instance) define her — she assesses her health based on her happiness and mental health, which she finds through a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

In one of her previous captions, she said, "Self-Worth to me is having that cake when I want it, having a few rest days in a row because I feel like it, plateauing on my weights for a few weeks because I'm not pushing myself hard enough, skipping out on cardio but it's hardio; basically not analysing every move that I make." It just goes to show you how important it is to make mental health a priority and to not root your happiness or your self-worth in how much you weigh or the way your body looks.

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