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Benefits of Building Strong Glutes

3 Benefits of Building a Strong Bum

After giving up running due to what I thought was a severe case of runner's knee, I was shocked when a physiotherapist told me the real problem was my glutes. My weak gluteal muscles weren't holding my hips in place, which was leading me to put a lot of strain on my knee.

While a lot of us go in pursuit of glute gains for the aesthetic benefits, we sometimes fail to appreciate that there are amazing fitness benefits that come from building a more muscle dense derrière. Read on for three fitness benefits that'll keep you going through your next set of squats.

Increased Metabolism

You might know by now that gaining muscle is one of the best ways to up your body's metabolic rate, and because your legs — which you inadvertently train every time you do a glute exercise — are the biggest muscle group in your body, making your leg and glute days more challenging can help your body burn calories long after your workout's done.

Protecting Your Joints

Strong glutes aid in keeping your hip and pelvis joints well aligned, which is important in keeping your overused knee and ankle joints aligned, free from the strain and pain that can result from misalignment, hyperextension, and hypermobility.

Back Health

You might hear more about your core being your back's main support, but a strong bum does a considerable amount of back support of its own. Although strong glutes can't fix all back pain, strengthening your glutes with exercises like deadlifts and good mornings can help control and regulate the movement of lower-back vertebrae and therefore prevent aches and pains that come from misalignment.

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