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Best Exercises 2019

I'm a Trainer, and These Are the Exercises You Should Be Doing More of in 2019

Best Exercises 2019
Image Source: Getty / svetikd

Instead of sharing a list of exercises I think should be retired (like the crunch — please stop doing crunches!), I decided to compile a list of exercises I think you should be doing more of today, tomorrow, in 2019, and beyond.

For starters, compound exercises are a must. Ask any trainer and they'll tell you that multijoint movements like squats will help you burn more calories and fat because they require more energy to perform. You'll also find that unilateral exercises (single-arm or single-leg exercises) made the list because they help build symmetry on both sides of your body.

It's my hope that these exercises inspire you to try something new and experiment with your workouts to become stronger.

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