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Best Podcasts For Long Runs

Tired of All Your Playlists? Follow 1 of These Podcasts on Long Runs

Whether you're a runner who doesn't love music or your playlist has just grown dull, following a podcast can make your weekly long run more enjoyable. Even the best playlists can grow boring over the course of a two-hour-long training run. Whether you're interested in true crime or want to laugh while you run solo, we've narrowed the selection down to 10 podcast options guaranteed to entertain you while you log miles.

  1. My Favourite Murder
    The title doesn't sound like this podcast is designed to make you laugh out loud while running solo, but it absolutely will. Hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark are the best friends you've always wanted to share a bottle of wine and a tale of true crime with. Combining raw honesty, crude humour, and relatively unknown but fascinating murders, the one-hour podcast is a perfect start for a long run.
  2. Everybody's Got Something
    When you want to extend that runner's high, listening to Robin Roberts interview celebrities who have "something" will leave you feeling motivated to conquer the distance and the rest of your day. Each episode leaves you convinced that everyone has an obstacle in their life and the ability to fight through it.
  3. Hollywood & Crime
    If you love Old Hollywood noir films, this podcast's storytelling will leave you picturing Old Hollywood as you listen to the story of the Black Dahlia murder. The story is told in sequence, so make sure you start with the first episode. The episodes are only 30 minutes long and good for binging on the run.
  4. 10% Happier
    If you meditate before or after your run, Dan Harris's 10% Happier podcast will teach you about meditation techniques and experience while you multitask and finish your run. The episodes range from hyper-educational to hilarious and will leave you feeling smarter while you sweat.
  5. Serial
    This NPR blockbuster has already had two seasons, each following unique cases. If you haven't been following the Adnan Syed murder trial, binge season one first while you log your miles, and then follow up with the breaking developments that have occurred since the podcast went viral.
  1. Pod Save America
    If America's politics leave you feeling nervous and jittery, why not laugh at it while you learn more about current events coming out of Washington DC? The hosts are incredibly smart but also hilarious and keep you abreast of the important (and not so important) political scene in America.
  2. Up and Vanished
    If you haven't already listened to this podcast, start at episode one and work your way through. To avoid spoilers, don't google this podcast before you start binging. Late breaking developments in this missing person's case will shock you as you follow the case of a missing Georgia beauty queen.
  3. S-Town
    Following the success of the most bingeable podcast Serial, This American Life's S-Town takes you into rural Alabama to investigate the way of life of a fascinating character and the twists and turns lead to a surprising climax.
  4. Someone Knows Something
    This true crime podcast has had two seasons, both following missing persons cases in Canada. The journalists do more than tell you a story, but actually hit the ground to investigate what the police may have overlooked and interview suspects and witnesses along the way.
  5. Crimetown
    Think the politics in your part of the country is corrupt? Crimetown may convince you it's not as crazy as you think — that is, unless you're from Providence, RI. Crimetown explores the unique characters that ruled Providence and the trials and tribulations each faced while rising to (and staying in) power.
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