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Bodyweight Exercises For Strong Abs

I'm a CrossFitter, and These Are the 12 Bodyweight Moves I Do For Strong, Defined Abs

Bodyweight Exercises For Strong Abs

When I walked into my CrossFit box for the first time, I was so inspired by all the female athletes. Their strength, speed, determination, and all-around badassery made me want to commit right then and there. I loved that their bodies were muscular, which totally shattered the image of the thin body I was brought up to strive for. These women were lean and strong as hell, and their abs were totally sculpted.

Of course, the full-body barbell moves like thrusters, overhead squats, and deadlifts work the core, as well as wall balls, sprinting, rope climbs, battle ropes, and pull-ups, but there are also tons of bodyweight moves that target the abs, too. After three years of CrossFit, my core is stronger than ever, and these are the bodyweight moves I swear by.

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