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Butt Workout Using Dumbbells and Bands

5 Booty-Burning Moves You Can Do With a Resistance Band or Weights

In case you don't feel like walking the next day, I highly recommend taking Equinox's Best Butt Ever class, which is designed to strengthen and define your backside. The 45-minute class always leaves me sweating and shaking by the end, so I had to reach out to San Francisco instructor Andrea Marchesi for moves we could all do at home.

Drea shared five lower-body exercises, which you can complete without equipment or with the option to add a resistance band or dumbbell. Ladies, reach for 12-pound weights or heavier to really maximize this workout. But if you're at a beginner fitness level, definitely focus on form first.

"In order to achieve booty gains, you must first master the moves with proper form, using lighter weights and little to no resistance," Drea told POPSUGAR. "Once you feel that mind-booty connection, then you can increase weight and resistance to increase muscle growth."

Complete the below circuit for a total of three times, aiming for 20 to 30 reps for each move.

If you're using a resistance band, Drea suggests completing only one set at the beginning of your workout to activate your glutes. Or for a "bigger burnout," do them at the very end. Prepare to be sore after doing the following moves.

The workout:

  1. Donkey kick with external hip rotation: "Add a resistance band or pause at the top to really hold the squeeze of the glute."
  2. Side-lying leg lift: "Add a resistance band or hold a dumbbell on the outer part of the thigh."
  3. Hip thrust: "Keep your pelvis tucked under — it's not about the height, but keeping the tuck. Variation: hold dumbbells over your hips for added weight or take it to a single-leg hip thrust."
  4. Sumo squat: "Add a heavy dumbbell and hold like a goblet. Make sure your booty drives down below the knees. Or add a dumbbell and resistance band, pressing your knees out against the band as you go down."
  5. Low squat jumps (out/in): "Add resistance bands and stay low the whole time."

According to Drea, you'll want to work out your glutes two to three times per week for results.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Studios
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