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CBD From Hops

If Hemp-Derived CBD Makes You Nervous, Try These CBD Pills — They're Made From Hops!

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There are tons of CBD products on the market, and although you've heard about the remarkable benefits — easing anxiety symptoms, making a person feel calmer, helping with pain and sleep — you might still be a little wary.

If you're worried about CBD's ties to marijuana, we hear you! Just to clarify, marijuana is a plant, and CBD (cannabidiol) is a nonpsychoactive compound that naturally occurs in that plant. CBD won't get you high, since it's different than THC, which is the psychoactive element of marijuana. The CBD compound can also be found in hemp plants. Hemp-derived CBD products are safe and won't get you high either, but if you're still a little nervous about taking them, then you're in luck, because you can also get CBD that's naturally derived from the flowers of a hop plant.

Bioactive ImmunAG ($175 for 30 tablets) is the world's first hops-derived CBD product (read: noncannabis!). These CBD pills are made with natural extracts derived from the Humulus kriya and Humulus ooty hops plants.

Each tiny blue tablet contains 40 mg of CBD (they also come in 7.5 mg and 100 mg tablets). For reference, a dropper of Charlotte's Web Everyday Advanced CBD oil offers 43 mg and Charlotte's Web capsules offer 15 or 35 mg (depending on the dosage).

I've tested both CBD derived from hemp and hops, and the results were the same. I felt calm and easy-going and found that both helped me fall asleep faster on nights when my body and brain were a little revved up from an evening workout.

My husband has tried both hemp- and hops-derived CBD products as well, and he agrees that they worked the same. He adds that he's been taking CBD every morning for the past couple months, because ever since he started intermittent fasting two months ago, drinking coffee on an empty stomach can heighten his anxiety symptoms. Taking either CBD product totally helps alleviate the jitters and just makes him feel calmer and more even-keeled.

If you're just beginning to experiment with CBD products, it's best to start with lower doses and see how it affects you before moving up. You can get Bioactive ImmunAG in 7.5 mg pills, and it's way cheaper at $75 for 30 tablets. The Charlotte's Web 15 mg hemp-derived capsules cost $35 for 30 pills. The hops-derived CBD tablets cost twice as much as the hemp-derived capsules for half the dosage, but if the source is important to you, then maybe you won't mind the higher cost.

Before you decide anything, though, be sure to speak to your medical professional to make sure you're fit to take CBD.

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