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CBD Pineapple Gummy Recipe

Make Your Own CBD Jelly Sweets With This Supersimple Recipe

If you've been dying to try CBD jelly sweets but either can't find what you need or don't have access to the prepackaged goodies, why not try making your own? According to Reddit user FritzsCannabisCo, it's actually quite easy. Take these DIY pineapple jelly sweets for instance:

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Behold their glory.

With only six ingredients (many of which you can get at the grocery store), you'll be well on your way to these tropical treats. You'll want to grab some CBD tincture or isolate extract online and maybe some pineapple flavouring on Amazon. Here's the recipe and details from the post:

It looks like you can use cold water or juice, so our advice would be to skip the flavouring and go for pineapple-flavoured Jell-O and cold pineapple juice. You'll want lots and lots of flavor to mitigate the aftertaste of CBD. BRB, ordering gummy bear moulds.

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