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Callie Thorpe's Photo About Cellulite

You'll Never Think of Cellulite the Same After Reading This Blogger's Note to Her Followers

Meet Callie Thorpe, a 28-year-old style blogger, who just served her followers a fresh dose of reality, the topic: cellulite. Callie recently spent her honeymoon in Mexico, where she posted photos of herself in a swimsuit, as one would do on holiday, but after some horrific comments about her body, she decided to send out a PSA, and it's an incredibly important message about cellulite.

"Let's talk about cellulite," she wrote on Instagram. "I have it, you most likely have it. It's a part of our skin, it's bumps of fat underneath said skin and I promise you that no matter how many creams or how much you 'brush your skin' you will still have it. It makes no difference on you as a person or certainly on how attractive you are. As @gabifresh once said you can't get Cellulite without 'U LIT.'"

Preach, Callie! With all the terrible body-shaming that goes on across social media, it's really important to remember her message that cellulite is not a reflection of who you are as a person, and one cannot base their self-worth based on if they have it or not.

Callie runs the blog From the Corners of the Curve, and frequently talks to her followers about loving their bodies, a message we can totally get behind.

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