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Calorie Comparison of Pasta and Chickpea Pasta

Holy Sh*t! We Can't Believe How Much Protein This Chickpea Pasta Has

You've seen them on the shelves — there are so many different kinds of pasta now! From quinoa pasta to lentil pasta to edamame pasta, the question is, are they really better than regular pasta? Registered dietitian Catherine Dilts, known as catskitchenblog on Instagram, says yes! She posted these comparison photos to show why you might want to skip the regular pasta and go for chickpea pasta instead.

Just look at those numbers! For a three-quarter cup serving of chickpea pasta, it offers 25 grams of protein and a whopping 13 grams of fibre! It is more calories than regular pasta shells, 340 compared to 200, but you'll feel way more satiated after a bowl of chickpea pasta!

We know the burning question on your mind — how does it taste?! We tried it and think it tastes delicious! The taste is similar to regular pasta, and the cooked texture is that of a perfectly al dente pasta. It makes an excellent vehicle for whatever sauce or toppings your heart desires (Trader Joe's Vegan Kale Cashew & Basil Pesto, please!).

Chickpea pasta may also cost more, but it offers 50 percent of your daily iron. This pasta is also vegan, low on the glycemic index, and gluten-free, so it's a great option if you can't tolerate regular noodles made from wheat or are trying to cut back on gluten. We also didn't get that overstuffed, bloated feeling we feel often after eating a big bowl of regular pasta. It's a great swap if you're a pasta-lover!

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