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Calories in Fun Size Chocolate Bars and Sweets

How Many Calories Are in Your Favourite Fun-Size Halloween Treats

There's no age limit when it comes to enjoying and appreciating Halloween treats. While it's important to have a little of what you love even when you're trying to be healthy, the calories and sugar content from those fun-size sweet treats tend to add up. If you plan to indulge in your favourite treat-size chocolate bar or sweet bag, read on to know exactly what you'll be consuming.

Chocolate Serving Size (g) Calories Sugar (g)
Mars bar 18g 80 kcal 11g
Buttons 14.4g 76 kcal 8.1g
Skittles 18g 73 kcal 16g
Haribo Starmix 10g 34 kcal 6.3g
Maltesers 19.5g 98 kcal 10.1g
Twix 20g 99 kcal 9.8g
Kit Kat 20.7g 104 kcal 10.6g

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim
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