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Calories in Popular Cocktail

How Many Calories Are in Your Favourite Cocktail?

Although we don't suggest guilting yourself out of enjoying a drink or two during the Summer, it doesn't mean you should ignore how alcohol consumption can affect your metabolism, derail your healthy lifestyle, and cause weight gain. To help you avoid sipping your progress away, Nutracheck nutritionist Emma Clarke delved deep into the most popular drinks to rank them from best to worst.

If you're not sticking to red, white, or newly minted "healthy" fave Prosecco, read on to find out just how many calories are in your favourite cocktail.

Cocktail Calories Fat (grams)
Snowball 89kcals 0.2g
Mojito 127kcals
Daiquiri 128kcals 0.1g
Cachaca Caipirinha 135kcals 0g
Long Island Iced Tea 152kcals 0g
Blue Lagoon 156kcals 0g
Strawberry Daiquiri 157kcals 0.4g
Cointreau Caipirinha 158kcals 0.1g
Amaretto Sour 159kcals 0g
Margarita 185kcals 0.1g
Cosmopolitan 195kcals 0.1g
Sex on the Beach 234kcals 0.2g
White Russian 303kcals 19.5g
Pina Colada 318kcals 18.3g

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim
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