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Can Instagram Transformation Posts Be Negative

This Blogger Will Make You Think Twice About Transformation Posts

Health- and fitness-lovers have turned Instagram into a one-stop shop for everything wellness related. It's become a source of not only inspiring fitness accounts and nutrition know-how, but also a haven of inclusive body positivity.

A recent phenomenon that's taken the social media platform by storm is the 30-second transformation post. While a lot of women are using the movement to show the real story behind posed fitness posts, one blogger is questioning whether there's a downside to the before-and-after shots.

Fitness blogger, the @thefashionfitnessfoodie, used her own version of the popular post, to contemplate whether or not it's helpful for people with stereotypical fit physiques to post these types of images in the name of body positivity, "You see although my intentions were good (and correct me if I'm wrong), I'm aware that my body shape is probably not very diverse. So I question how inspiring it would be to self-depreciate or patronise you by showing you my 'love handles' or 'rolls'."

The blogger's post highlights how demotivating these types of posts can be for people who want to participate but don't have discernibly dramatic results when sucking in or pushing out, as it were. She continued, "I think the body positivity movement is about being inclusive of ALL bodies but the majority of these kind of images/physique updates I see on social media are generally slim girls like myself. It's like the elephant in the social media room."

That being said, Lucy acknowledged that all bodies are beautiful, and size shouldn't determine whether or not someone participates in a hashtag and movement designed to be inclusive and inspiring, saying, "But then on the flip side should I not be allowed to jump on board just because I have that kind of physique? I don't know."

Whichever side of the fence you're on — if you're on it at all — one thing's for sure: the beauty of Instagram's growing wellness community is that it is inclusive. Whether you're inspired by a 30-second, short-term, or long-term transformation, there's bound to be someone whose story resonates with you.

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