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Can Mushrooms Help You Lose Weight

Why Mushrooms Are a Must on Your Weight-Loss Menu

As far as vegetables go, mushrooms might seem inconsequential in the healthy stakes because we usually associate them with indulgent fry-up breakfasts, pizza toppings and buttery side dishes, but this misunderstood vegetable is on it's way to being crowned the latest must-eat, weight-loss food. According to findings published in the journal Appetite, enriching your menu with mushrooms gives you the benefit of consuming a filling, plant-based protein without the sodium and saturated fat you get from eating the same amount of meat.

The most recent study to contribute to the mushroom mania compared how full 17 men and 15 women felt after eating two servings of either minced beef or mushrooms. The 10-day study, which matched the protein content in 226 grams of mushrooms and 28 grams of minced beef, found that people who had the mushrooms option at breakfast were significantly less hungry, felt more satisfied, and didn't snack as much after.

We all know that high-protein breakfasts are great for supporting weight loss because they fill you up for longer and feed your muslces, which in turn fuel your metabolism, but, this study suggests the source of your breakfast protein plays a significant role in how well the nutrient performs in your body. If your goal is to lose weight, then cutting down on your fat intake by consuming fewer animal products and eating more plant-based protein sources may be the best way to start your day.

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