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Can You Heat Chia Seeds?

Can You Have Your Chia Seeds Piping Hot?

You've probably read so much about chia seeds at this point, it feels like there's nothing else you can possibly learn about them. I thought the same until I was wolfing down a chia pudding one morning and wondered how much more delicious it'd taste steaming hot, with a fruit compote and a cool dollop of Greek yoghurt to top it off.

The simple answer is yes, but be sensible about applying heat. While frying will degrade the omega-3 content within chia seeds, other modes of heating like baking, lightly toasting, and boiling at moderate and sensible temperatures for short amounts of time won't compromise their nutritional properties in any way.

Not only can you use your chia seeds to make the perfect breakfast, a yummy jam, a nutritious smoothie, and a whole host of healthy recipes, you can also use them to thicken soups and stews and sprinkle over steaming veg to add some crunch.

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