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Chelsie Padley from Tracy Beaker Fitness Instagram

One of Your Favourite Tracy Beaker Stars Is Now a Fitness Guru

If you grew up watching Tracy Beaker, chances are you were completely obsessed with the show and considered each character a well-known friend. I once saw Dani Harmer in my local Chilli's but was too nervous to say hello (classic!). Whilst you may know that Dani Harmer is now a mum and Craig Roberts has continued his acting career with a CV full of films like 22 Jump Street and Neighbours, what about the rest of the cast? Another member of the Dumping Ground clan has ditched her child acting career in pursuit of something completely different: fitness.

Chelsie Padley, who played polite blonde-haired Louise Goven, is now a fitness guru. She has pursued a career as a fitness trainer and lives live with the mantra that "strong is the new skinny". She is a professional personal trainer and is qualified in HIIT, Zumba, and more. Where can we sign up?

Her Instagram page is full of fitness videos, dance workouts, before and afters, and motivational quotes to give you a little pick me up. She gets real about being "skinny fat" vs "toning up" saying that "doing stupid amounts of cardio will only knacker you out" and "reducing calorie intake will leave you hangry and unsociable" (true story). She suggests HIIT workouts, learning about nutrition, and patience are key to a healthy lifestyle.

Read on to see some of her fitness highlights and guarantee you'll get inspired. And if you aren't into fitness, she has a pretty cute dog too!

Weight loss VS fat loss....GIRLS LISTEN UP! On a daily basis I get messages from fabulous females who want to 'tone up' so let's talking about 'toning up'. If you haven't got a great deal of weight to lose and just want to get definition in areas (rather than being skinny fat like me on the left) then there's some important things you need to understand. 1, Doing stupid amounts of cardio is only going to knacker you out and get tedious. It's unsustainable and will more than likely reduce your lean muscle mass (which is vital for definition). 2, Massively reducing your calorie intake is going to leave you hangry and unsociable. It will also decrease your fitness performance, reduce your basal metabolic rate and again....your body will start to eat away at muscle mass (which you need for definition). These two classic approaches is why people YOYO up and down with their weight. They're constantly battling with calories and then lowering their metabolism in a very viscous cycle which wont get them the body composition results they want. 3 SIMPLE TIPS - 1, Do HIIT a couple of times a week and lift some damn weights! (Start light if a beginner and build on it, I promise you won't look like a bodybuilder) 2, Learn about nutrition and get it on point. If you're dieting, you're more than likely under eating....get more of the good stuff in. You know where to come to find out more πŸ™‹πŸΌ 3, It will take time to find a healthy balance but be patient! Life is for living and once you learn about nutrition and how your body works you will easily maintain and it will be a way of life! Final note....get away from generic scales!!! Don't let a number dictate you, go on how you feel in your clothes and in your skin. Just saying.... I WEIGH MORE IN THE SECOND PICTURE. Message me if you want results πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ’š #girlsrule #boysdotoo #weightlossvsfatloss #throwbackthursday

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