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Is Coffee Keto?

Is Coffee Keto? Here's the Right and Wrong Way to Get Your Caffeine Fix

Giving up coffee in any shape or form isn't an ideal situation for many people. But where does caffeine stand when it comes to the keto diet in particular? The low-carb, high-fat diet has a laundry list of restrictions — mostly comprised of sugar, grains, and carbs — but coffee isn't one of them, thankfully. However, there is a keto-friendly way to order your next cup of joe.

Since the diet highly encourages the consumption of fats, adding one to two tablespoons of heavy cream (note: this is different from half-and-half) to black coffee is the way to go. If you need to sweeten, feel free to add a sugar-free alternative, like Stevia. Bulletproof Coffee is another keto-approved choice as it contains a fatty "Brain Octane" MCT oil. But you could also make a version at home by adding coconut oil and butter (recipe here) to your coffee.

Another good rule of thumb is to avoid "light" and "skinny" drinks because they're usually prepared with sugar and nonfat milk.

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