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Creating a Meditation Space at Home

Self-Care 101: Create Your Own Meditation Space at Home

Meditation is a powerful, life-changing practice, and it's easier to integrate into your everyday life than you'd think. Take my word for it: I've started with simple apps (specifically, the Headspace program and OMG. I Can Meditate! app) that only take 10 minutes of my day. Just 10 minutes! It's less time than you'd spend scrolling through Instagram and emails in the morning, right?

Those daily 10 minutes (sometimes more!) have already started to impact my everyday life. Meditation, in even the smallest amount, has improved my sleep, cut down on stress, increased my ability to stay present, and combated anxiety. It only takes a few minutes a day to get started, and once you do, you'll be hooked on the calm, renewed feeling.

Because it's so incredible (and easy!), many people are starting to create meditation spaces in their homes to deepen, improve, and further celebrate their practice. These become truly sacred spaces where a person can come to clear their mind, find peace, and step away from the hectic bustle of day-to-day life — and it can be as small as a corner of your bedroom!


Just as meditation is simple to start, a meditation space is simple to create, and you don't need much to get started. However, you can also make it as elaborate as your peace-loving heart desires! Here are some tips for creating a calm, centring corner of your home.

  • Pick the right space. You'll need to be deliberate when choosing a space; ideally it should be a spot where you won't be disturbed. If you share a home or flat, this might mean a corner of your bedroom or office space if you have one. Something near the kitchen, living room, or any shared space will open you up to disturbances (aka, roommates talking to you, family running around, the dog jumping on you . . . ) that will interrupt your practice. Also consider lighting — one of my favourite tips from Headspace for staying present in a practice (and not falling asleep) is to find a space with bright light. Can you find a spot near a window? Or perhaps if you're typically too alert and have racing thoughts during your practice. If you need more grounding, find a dimmer space.
  • Grab a seat. Do you need a chair or a floor cushion? Maybe a yoga mat or blanket on the floor will do the trick. If you prefer a chair, choose a frame that will help with your posture — your upright position is crucial to being alert, present, and in the moment. This could be a chair you already own or one you choose specifically for your new space.
  • Add soothing scents. Create a peaceful ambiance with scent — this can be via incense, candles, or diffusing oils. I personally love my oil diffuser, and I use it for more than just meditation — I fall asleep with lavender, eucalyptus, or rose oil every night. Certain oils and fragrances evoke certain emotions, moods, and feelings, which can play a huge part in your meditation as well.
  • Make yourself comfortable. Do you need pillows or a blanket to cosy up the space? Maybe you want to create a mini tea station with your favourite soothing blends and a small side table or ledge to set down your cup. Incorporating a tea into your practice, either before or after you start meditating, will help invigorate the senses, furthering your feelings of presence.
  • Decorate! Choose calming colours that bring you joy. For some, that means serene neutrals, and for others, that might mean yellows or bright blues. Try to incorporate something from nature, whether that means a plant, fresh flowers, crystals, stones, or seashells — they'll bring healing, relaxing properties to your space. You can also use candles in this instance to create ambiance and mood lighting.
  • Try calming sounds. While many people prefer to practice in silence, you might need some meditation music or tranquil noises to block out thoughts or the noise from your neighbours or housemates! For this, you can set up a small speaker or have a place to plug in your phone (just make sure you keep it on airplane mode so you're not disturbed!). Try these soothing sounds from our meditation playlist to get started.

No matter what you choose to add to your space, remember that this is about you! You're doing something special for yourself to better yourself as a person, so you can live a happier, healthier, less stressful life. Choose your joy, and create the space that's right for you.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Emily Faulstich
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