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Bloated All the Time? Your Carbonated Drink Addiction Might Be to Blame

"I'd rather look five months pregnant than give up my LaCroix!" our Love editor Hilary said when we were explaining bloating and what causes it (and her love for carbonated drinks). There are so many things that cause bloating, and some are not as obvious as you'd think! If you've been crushing cans of sparkling water at your desk, it might be the culprit behind a puffy belly.

Though typically harmless, bloating can be frustrating — it can hide your toned tummy or make you feel uncomfortable in your clothes or even like you're not in your own body — we've been there! When you drink sparkling water, you're trapping gas in your digestive system, which can create distention in your lower abdomen.

If bloating has been a frequent nuisance in your life, it might be time to start keeping track of how many cans of carbonated drinks you've been downing each day. Give yourself a few days without your beloved drink to see if it helps, and find what works for your body.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Dominique Astorino
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