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Dumbbell Thrusters

If You're Lost at the Gym, Start by Doing This Full-Body, Fat-Burning Exercise

When you look around the gym, it can seem like everyone knows exactly what they're doing. The truth is, they probably don't, so don't sweat it. If you need a little help to feel more confident when you're in the weight room, though, we've got just the exercise for you to try.

The dumbbell thruster is an effective full-body movement that targets many different parts of the body — legs, butt, shoulders, arms, and core. A thruster is just a fancy word for a squat and press. If you're looking to lose weight or shed fat, this is the perfect exercise to fit into your routine because it activates so many different muscle groups, which means it will burn more calories.

Here's what the exercise looks like, and the description is below.

  • Stand with your legs just slightly wider than hip-distance apart, arms raised to shoulder height with elbows bent, holding weights by your ears.
  • Bend your knees as if you were sitting in a chair, keeping weight on your heels.
  • Press the dumbbells overhead as you straighten your knees to return to standing. This counts as one rep,
  • Complete 3-4 rounds of 10-12 reps.
Image Source: Unsplash / Juan Pablo Rodriguez
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