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Easy Exercises For New Moms

5 Simple Exercise Hacks For New Mums

Easy Exercises For New Moms

Integrating exercise into a new mum's life is sometimes that last thing she has in mind. We are designed to put our babies before ourselves, and we feel there are never enough hours in the day to even get the most basic things done. Yet exercise (among many things) is incredibly important to incorporate into one's daily life from a physical and mental point of view. It can make us feel physically strong, but it's also about feeling like we are doing something for ourselves in the world of new motherhood. How do we find the time?

Even if you are only able to do a few of these over the course of a day (or a week), focus on the positives. Consider how the exercises made you feel. Sometimes exercise isn't just about getting physically stronger and fitter, it's about doing something for yourself. Motherhood involves so much of our physical and emotional selves, but it's important that we build our sense of identity. Integrating exercise into our daily lives can help grow our confidence and become a source of empowerment. Here are five mini routines for new moms that don't involve a gym membership, and can be combined with another task.

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