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Eating Clean and Not Losing Weight

If You Eat Clean All Week, but You're Not Losing Weight, This Photo Comparison Shows Why

You eat strict all week long, counting calories and macros to the exact gram. But five days straight of that is just too much, so when the weekend rolls around, you have what the fitness world refers to as "cheat days." As you can see from this photo comparison posted by equalution on Instagram, even though five days of the week you may be "on track," your weekly daily average is 1850. If that puts you in a calorie surplus, those two days are the reason you're not reaching your weight loss goals.

This cycle of restrict-crave-binge is normal. Registered dietitian Leslie Langevin, MS, RD, CD, of Whole Health Nutrition says the biggest mistake she sees clients making when trying to drop pounds is "cutting out too much." Some people feel like they need to stop eating everything that's "bad" for weight loss, like bread or all carbs (even fruit), sweet treats, alcohol, meat, and/or dairy. Or they may cut calories drastically. Both types of restriction, on types of food and number of calories, isn't sustainable.

What's the solution? Don't give up chocolate, ice cream, alcohol, and your favourite restaurant meals completely. The caption reads, "the key is to maintain a more balanced approach and incorporate these as part of a balanced diet as opposed to [a] weekend blowout." Foster a healthy relationship with food and it will help you get lasting results.

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