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No Excuses Mom Maria Kang Talks About Weight Gain

The "No Excuses Mum" Looks Hot as Hell, Completely Unretouched

Maria Kang, author of The No Excuses Diet, levelled with all of us in her recent Instagram post. The mum of three, whose motivational message created quite a stir among mums on the internet back in early 2015, opened up about depression, life changes, and weight gain that made her feel ashamed of her body and unable to even pose for a photo — if you've ever felt self-conscious in front of a camera, you'll totally relate to her emotionally charged, raw, and superinspiring caption (and her unedited photo!).

She used to prep for weeks trying to be "ready" for the camera before having the epiphany that every body should be celebrated at whatever stage it's in. "I am in no way out of shape, but I am definitely and admittedly hard on myself," she said. But she's finally owning and loving the skin she's in — and encouraging us to do the same.

Extra 10 pounds and all, Maria looks incredible, and most of all, she looks happy and confident. We most appreciate that she ate a doughnut before taking a bikini picture. You go, girl.

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