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Fitness Blogger's Post About Bloating After Dinner

If Your "Bloat Game" Is Strong, This Blogger Wants You to Know You're Not Alone

If you were under the impression that insanely toned individuals have somehow figured out a miracle cure to prevent bloating, a fitness blogger is about to change your mind. In a candid post, Morgan of Momo in the 6 asked her followers for their bloating remedies after struggling with the uncomfortable issue one too many times after dinner.

In her caption, Morgan explained, "Almost every night, after I finish dinner, I have that '4 months pregnant' look about me." Asking, "Does this happen to anyone else?!" She then threw in the relatable hashtag #BloatGameStrong. The fit mother of two also shared some techniques that have helped her, including drinking plenty of water, spacing out her carb intake, and pacing herself at dinner.

Though Morgan's techniques are well-advised, many factors can contribute to bloating. A change in your diet, stress level, or an increase in travel can all trigger an imbalance and affect your bloating. If you can relate to these photos, try to pinpoint the cause of your bloating whether it's from overeating at meals, eating dairy or gluten, sugary foods, drinking carbonated beverages, or constipation, so you can get relief. What have you found has helped prevent bloating?

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