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Fitness Blogger Shows Normal Pictures Side by Side

Woman Shows Just How Much the Body Can Change in a Single Day

Sometimes it's hard to remember that social media images are just that: images. They're illusions that are often staged beyond any reflection of reality. Australia-based fitness blogger and aspiring nutrition coach/personal trainer Sophie Allen has been taking to Instagram to display the fallacy of social media pictures — especially ones that have to do with fitness or weight loss. With side-by-side images, Allen reveals the discrepancies between what someone wants you to see and what is really there.

In a recent post, Allen highlights the ways in which varying details — like how long ago someone ate a meal — can affect how the body looks. For this reason, many people will wait for optimal circumstances before snapping a picture and posting it online so that it looks like perfection is their average reality.

Because so many people view these "perfect" pictures as normal and try to meet their impossible standards, Allen's Instagram caption asks the question, "So, what is normal?" One side of the image is a selfie Allen took after working out, before eating lunch. On the other side, she captured a moment after having had some water and lunch. Both are pictures of her body, and both are "normal!"

Allen also takes the opportunity to give a shout-out to digestive health, declaring that "gut health is KING! Bad gut = bad digestion, not absorbing nutrients from all that good food you're consuming 'you aren't what you eat, you are what you digest.'" We couldn't agree more, and we look forward to more social media truth bombs from Sophie Allen!

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