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Francheska Martinez Animal Flow Workout

Do This Trainer's Bodyweight Workout Anywhere For Toned Legs and a Strong Core

If you don't know who Francheska Martinez is yet, you'll be happy to meet her. She's a certified trainer and stretch therapist in Austin, TX, who's always looking for new, creative ways to move her body. And it's totally contagious.

With many different certifications under her belt, including Animal Flow, Francheska has a lot of knowledge to share with her followers on Instagram. One of her latest posts shows how effective Animal Flow can be when used along with traditional HIIT moves, like the classic jump squat.

Francheska starts in a basic squat, then does a lateral travelling Ape (an Animal Flow move) into an explosive jump squat. But instead of just moving on to the other side, she then lowers down on her knees and jumps into yet another jump squat. Phew! She recommends doing this flow for 30 seconds straight, then resting for 30 seconds. Repeat the whole thing four to six times. Trust us, you'll feel this in your entire lower body when you try it. And, you're working your core at the same time. Six-pack, here we come!

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