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Free Helplines for Depression, Anxiety, Mental Health

These Mental Health Helplines Will Help You in Your Time of Need

According to the WHO, it's estimated that around 450 million people suffer from Common Mental Disorders such as anxiety and depression worldwide, with 7.8 in every 100 people falling victim in the UK. Treatment for a mood disorder can vary based on its severity. While some people find that simply implementing self-care in their daily routine can bolster their moods, many use medication to regulate their moods, and others seek therapy to lighten their mental and emotional loads.

For the latter group, getting help can be hard due to how costly seeking therapy can be, both time and money-wise. However, there are helplines that provide immediate help and support on the other end of the phone. Read on for five helplines you should consider dialling the next time you're in a hopeless situation.

Image Source: Unsplash / Ben White
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